Parol Ornaments DIY Kit


  1. Decorate stars. use lots of glitter glue because it's fun and less messy than regular glitter. Set aside.
  2. Make tassels. Wrap the embroidery floss 8-10 times around your index, middle and ring fingers. Cut and set aside. Cut an approximately 4 inch piece of floss. Thread the 4 inch piece through the loop of the 8-10 bunch you set aside. Thread the bead onto the 4 inch piece. Was that confusing? Just watch the video above. You'll get it) Remove 4 inch piece. Repeat. 
  3. Twist pipecleaners. Do not make the ring yet.
  4. Slide tassels on pipecleaners, align using the guide from the box.
  5. Now you can close the pipecleaner ring.
  6. Check if your decorated star has dried completely. You don't want to mess up all that hard work by thumb smudging it. Patience padawan, patience. 
  7. Glue ring to dried star.